Jim’s Diet

In January I weighed 104 kilograms and even though I am 193 centimeters tall there was a lot of fat in there and I didn’t feel good, rather heavy and sluggish so I took a month and went to Sanya, Hainan (South China Sea). I holed up in a cheap hotel, bought a bicycle and proceeded to change my figure. I ate one meal every two days and the rest of the time I ate fruits and nuts only. I rode my bicycle or walked at least two to three hours a day for one month. At the end of the month I was down to about 96 kilograms. When I got back to the school where I teach I maintained my diet by eating one meal a day and fruit and nuts. I also cut out sweetened coffee packets and do just plain instant. This morning (two months later) I weighed 94.5 kilos and the weight just slowly keeps coming off. Now and then I eat a big meal for fun but always go back to my diet which is really not a diet anymore.

I have lost my craving for food. Before my diet I was constantly nibbling carbs. Now that food lust is gone. I though I would be hungry all the time but Im not – I tell my university kids about my diet and they cringe but it seems very normal now to me.

I try to do something everyday outside, either bicycle or walk and I always use the stairs in my teaching building. Also I do one or two 5 minute rides on my indoor bike each day.

This is really working for me and I feel fantastic.


About jimd

Christian, ESL teacher, retired computer programmer, former US Army soldier, former Peace Corps Volunteer. Like to paint, build and fly rc airplanes, play guitar, ride unicycle, juggle, and hang out with my university students. Am currently residing in a foreign country but I do love America.
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