How Should Church Look

I have listed some issues that I have thought about concerning what church should look like. These are statements and questions that have arisen during my work abroad over that last 8 years. Will deal with each one of  them in time as occassion and desire permits.

Questions About Church (at home and abroad)
1. Who are my brothers and sisters? Who can you worship with, Baptists, Mormons, Catholics, Methodists, Lutherans, official govt churches?
2. What day can you formally worship on (mostly LS I guess)?
3. Is fasting necessary? Have you ever fasted for religious reasons?
4. What is worship? Is it a one hour a day on Sunday?
5. What does the format of worship need to look like? A rock concert, a funeral, a hospital, a summer camp,an American church?
6. Are elders required to lead the church today. What about a businessman organization? A church without leaders?
7. What does living and working together in peace mean?
8. How much should I give to the collection plate? Do we do it only on worship day? Should we make missionees follow our example? Can we give only when it is needed for a specific purpose? Do we have to give the same amount every time.
9. What comprises a worship day?
10. Can every day be a worship day? Including LS?
11. Can a xtian smoke? Can a xtian drink? Socially?
12. Are women allowed to lead songs (start songs), lead prayers, ask questions, direct a lesson?
13. Are all worhip services equal?
14. Should we pay church workers retirement benefits?
15. How should church property be utilized?
16. Should we pay to build large church buildings? Where is the fit for house services?
17. How long should church services last?
18. Can LS be observed with a regular meal?
19. Can we use regular bread in the LS?
20. Are we free to make organizational, even doctrinal changes unlike those mentioned in the the early church?
21. What are our absolute core beliefs, how few can we get by with?
22. If you don’t have grape juice and crackers, what can you use for LS?
23. If you had a mssnry effort going and new mssnrs moved in who have their own ideas about how the effort should be conducted and who
were not amenable to your ideas, how would you react? What would be an appropriate protocol for both parties?
24.Should we worhip in secret? Should we sing loudly if there is a chance we could be overheard? Should we not sing at all in certain situations?
25. Should the locals be taught in their own language? What if they prefer English?
26. What to do about young women who come to worship in short (I mean really short) skirts and revealing clothes?
27. What to do about students who say Oh my God!?
28. Should we institute American style wrshp or encourge them to find their own?
29. How much should we be at the mercy of dogmatic elder support from home? Elders who have no idea of the problems we face?
30. How much should poor students have to give if we force them to give as we do?
31. We all as teachers sign contracts that say we will not engage in mssnry effort? Is it ok to lie for your faith?
32. Can a single mssnry worshp alone? Can they take the LS alone?
33. Can mssnrys work and worshp separately though they serve the same school, area?
34. What to do about other mssnrys who are obviously doing wrong things?
35. If you cannot get along with other mshnrs in your area, should you leave for that reason?
36. Must mshnrs be formally trained? (haha)
37. Should we bounce around from school to school, year after year?
38. If your boss here asks you to do something dishonest, what will you do?


About jimd

Christian, ESL teacher, retired computer programmer, former US Army soldier, former Peace Corps Volunteer. Like to paint, build and fly rc airplanes, play guitar, ride unicycle, juggle, and hang out with my university students. Am currently residing in a foreign country but I do love America.
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