KING JAMES VERSION BIBLE written in Morse Code (and MP3 option)

KJV_BIBLE_in_Morse_Code    (safe pdf file)

I converted a public domain bible into Morse Code using a AWK program.

Some of you probably came here hoping to get the Bible in MP3 format. So I have created an Instructable that shows you where you can download free conversion software and free Bible text files so you can create MP3 files at your own selected speed and side-tone frequency.

Go here:      Bible Conversion to Morse Code Instructable







About jimd

Christian, ESL teacher, retired computer programmer, former US Army soldier, former Peace Corps Volunteer. Like to paint, build and fly rc airplanes, play guitar, ride unicycle, juggle, and hang out with my university students. Am currently residing in a foreign country but I do love America.
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17 Responses to KING JAMES VERSION BIBLE written in Morse Code (and MP3 option)

  1. kjfriend2 says:

    Reblogged this on Christians Awake 2 NWO and commented:
    This is cool!

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  3. AMERICAN BIBLE was transcribed in Morse code from Dorotea Assenova Trifonova. The transcript of the Holy Bible in American Morse code is registered and copyrighted.

    • jimd says:

      I would be interested to see a reference to the copyright and is this an international copyright because there is no such thing as an international copyright and finally, how can a foreign copyright be applicable to the American Bible?

  4. Non devo fare vedere il mio diritto di autore, ma ho diversi registrazione, esempio in SIAE n. 2015002276. La Sacra Bibbia Americana trascritta in Alfabeto Morse è stata registrata!
    Questi fittoli valgano in tutto il mondo! In ogni caso una copia è stata mandata anche alla Regina
    Elisabetta racc. n. RA756861963IT in attesa per la decisione della sua pubblicazione.
    Quindi si invita di togliere subito la visione della Sacra Bibbia Americana in alfabeto morse che è del tutto messa in tutela è l’unica creatrice è Dorotea Assenova Trifonova.

  5. All I have to see my copyright but I have several, as in SIAE n. 2015002276. The Holy Bible transcribed in American Morse was recorded!
    These fittoli worth all over the world! However, a copy was also sent to the Queen
    Elizabeth Coll. n. RA756861963IT waiting for the decision of its publication.
    So please to remove immediately the vision of the Holy Bible in American Morse code that is entirely commissioning protection is the only creator is Dorotea Assenova Trifonova.

    The transcript of the Bible from any language in Morse is recorded.

    • jimd says:

      Well that’s fine miss trifonova but we don’t really care about the Queen here in the USA and I can’t imagine that you are making much money off this patent in the event that it is even a legitimate patent. So I will have to have more legal writ from you pertaining to this so-called patent before I withdraw my version.

  6. Per quello che ho capito, Dorotea Assenova Trifonova ha registrato la trascrizione in alfabeto morse della Bibbia. Questo vale in tutto il mondo. Anche la mia bibbia essendo tradotta dall’inglese, questa traduzione è valida in tutto il mondo e nessuno può copiare la “traduzione dall’inglese”.
    Ha ragione Dorotea Assenova Trifonova.
    In ogni caso, che vergogna è questa di copiare e dire che nessun titolo italiano vale in America?
    Ci sono accordi internazionale!
    Io, per curiosità, ho controllato il numero della raccomandata è risulta ricevuta dalla Regina.

  7. Qui di certo è partito un messaggio per errore da una bambina che ho in casa mia…
    Comunque questa bambina ha ragione: “che vergogna copiare il lavoro mio…”
    La Regina è una persona molto seria e anche il Capo della Chiesa, quindi sono certo che mi darà merito. Nessun problema, al momento giusto, le manderò il mio legale.
    Dorotea Assenova Trifonova
    Here certainly left a message in error by a little girl I have in my house …
    However this little girl is right: “what a shame to copy my work …”
    The Queen is a very serious person and also the Head of the Church, so I’m sure he will give me about. No problem, at the right time, I will send my lawyer.
    Dorotea Assenova Trifonova

    • jimd says:

      I have a great idea. I must be making so much money off this translation that i feel a little guilty. How about if I split my profits with you, 50-50. How can I send the money to you?

    • jimd says:

      By the way Miss Assenova, may I call you that? How did you come by such an interesting name? Does it mean you have an ass(rear-end, derriere, butt) the size of a nova (exploding star)?

  8. I’m sorry for you. I already have a contract with Publisher and all already published. The Morse code is registered. Everything is registered and protected.
    As I said, I also warned the Heads of Churches.
    I also warned my Publisher and lawyer to proceed against you. He ‘was also warned President Obama. Dorotea Assenova Trifonova

  9. Mi dispiace per Lei.
    Ho già un contratto con Editore e tutto già pubblicato.
    L’alfabeto Morse è registrato. Tutto è registrato e tutelato.
    Come ho detto, ho anche avvisato i Capi delle Chiese.
    Ho avvisato anche il mio Editore ed avvocato per procedere nei vostri confronti.
    E’ stato anche avvisato il Presidente Obama.

  10. Is there an audio file of this?

    I am learning Morse Code for HAM radio, and I want to listen to the audio, and copy it to paper for practice.

    • jimd says:

      Regrettably there is not. I think most people who visit this link expect it to be an mp3 file and are disappointed. It would be very difficult to do the Bible in Morse Code without doing it as an application of some kind because the file would be huge and you wouldn’t be able to select the speed. That would make for a nice app and maybe someday I will work on that if it hasn’t already been done. Good luck. I am still learning Morse Code myself. But I am a really slow learner.

    • jimd says:

      Hi. I was also interested in being able to generate the Bible in Morse Code and so made a quick instructable here: that is about some free software you can download to convert the Bible into Morse Code. The conversion software is free and so is the bible text file. Very easy to use and works well.

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