My view of Heaven

To me Heaven is a real place, one that I dearly wish to get to and one that I stake my soul on, and for which I make the only real vow of value – that I believe it exists and that Jesus is the Way there.

I can’t really visualize the location or appearance of Heaven but I can see this happening: I will be standing near another spiritual soul and we will be located on the new earth, staring into Heavens heaven and we will choose one of the beautiful stars there and low and behold a three or four or infinite dimension replay occurs of one of our simplest and least important moments of sacrifice or love or piety or obedience – in all its glory and glorification of God. In other words, every little deed we performed in the name of God is kept eternally present in Heaven and every failure and moment of weakness is eternally forgotten. In this life, we don’t need to accomplish great spiritual feats – we just need to drop little seeds every day and we can do that by just maintaining a constant attitude of love and service.

I often am “interrupted” in my daily routine by my students but I should never see it as an interruption, but rather as an opportunity to give them a little attention, a moment of notice and encouragement – it only takes a second and they remember it for a long time, if not forever, and the moment turns into an eternal moment, preserved in heavenly CGI and Dolby special effects. I must see my life as spreading little insignificant seeds – not in trying to turn the world upside down with grand plans. Do we want to be remembered for something that is everlasting – offer the cup of cool water to a thirsty soul – offer a word of kindness to a hurting stranger. I believe these are the deeds that power the stars of Heaven.


About jimd

Christian, ESL teacher, retired computer programmer, former US Army soldier, former Peace Corps Volunteer. Like to paint, build and fly rc airplanes, play guitar, ride unicycle, juggle, and hang out with my university students. Am currently residing in a foreign country but I do love America.
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