Jesus the Human

Jesus had brothers and sisters. So it is only natural to believe he had nieces and nephews who referred to him as “uncle Jesus” in their daily vernacular whether it was Aramaic or Hebrew. It is comforting to think that Jesus participated for 30 years in daily activities that you or I would have had we lived then.  I wonder if his relatives thought him a little weird, perhaps too emotionally sensitive and even supportive of the women and perhaps a little too willing to part with the family property to help the poor. Who knows what human deeds he performed that we just don’t think much about.

Jesus had brothers and sisters and some believe they were only half-siblings. So what? Will we enter the new heaven and earth one day and have to prove we were right about every interpretation or opinion we held on scripture?  Jesus came to earth as a perfect specimen of a human – but he told us that he would take care of our imperfections and as humans we are often wrong and we won’t get everything right the day before we die – we are going to enter the pearly gates but won’t have to take the earthly baggage with us.

Jesus had brothers and sisters and they no doubt screwed up often but he did not disown them. And now we are the adopted brothers and sisters of Christ and he has promised not to disown us. It is ok to be human – he will still care for us.



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Christian, ESL teacher, retired computer programmer, former US Army soldier, former Peace Corps Volunteer. Like to paint, build and fly rc airplanes, play guitar, ride unicycle, juggle, and hang out with my university students. Am currently residing in a foreign country but I do love America.
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1 Response to Jesus the Human

  1. Naturally Jesus, being a man, born in a devout Essene family had brothers and sisters, cousins and nieces. It is because he as human being did the Will of his heavenly Father, the Only One true God Who is One, that he is so special and by managing to do God’s Will on all fronts, he got made higher than angels and his ransom offering was accepted by his heavenly Father, Who also took him in His reign to become a high priest and a mediator between God and man.

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