Jews “Wailing Wall” is Actually Roman Temple

Here is a picture of where the actual Jewish temple stood that was destroyed by Roman Titus in 70AD. Today everyone thinks that the temple stood where the current Dome of the Rock stands – but that was the Roman Praetorium where Jesus was tried. The real Jewish Temple was completely destroyed, including the foundation stones (to get at the melted gold) and the stones were actually carried away to build other buildings and cities. The real temple was built over a spring, there never was a spring in the area of the Dome of the Rock. So, irony of ironies, the Jews worship at the wall of a Roman Temple and the Muslims venerate a Roman Temple. Haha – I love it.

The picture shows the Jewish Temple on the left, an area that was completely destroyed, and the Roman Praetorium on the right where the original foundation was preserved and the Muslim Dome of the Rock built.


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