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Christian, ESL teacher, retired computer programmer, former US Army soldier, former Peace Corps Volunteer. Like to paint, build and fly rc airplanes, play guitar, ride unicycle, juggle, and hang out with my university students. Am currently residing in a foreign country but I do love America.

Caesar and Jesus, Son of God?

When Christ was crucified the Roman soldier (centurion) declared, “Truly this was the son of God.”  When reading these accounts we usually emphasize “was” as in, “it was at first doubtful that he was the son of God but now … Continue reading

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Self Balancing Gyroscope Using HD Drive

My latest self balancing project using a hard disk drive, a VTI inclinometer sensor, a servo controlled counterweight and three potentiometers to control the PID parameters. Works great. Even better now that I added a little weight to the top … Continue reading

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My New Merida Ukulele

Bought in Shanghai at East Jinling Road music store for 800rmb. Didn’t know Merida made ukuleles. May be a second as it has slight blem on woodwork on front. Light and plays nice, has nice sound.

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We Will Be Superheroes

I love super-heroes, science-fiction, artificial-intelligence, teleportation, faster than light transportation, magic, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and scientific theories of parallel dimensions, aliens, time-travel and future worlds. I think most people have imagined sometime in their life that they … Continue reading

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Jesus Tomb Was a Gateway To Eternity

I read a blog about the stone sealing the tomb where Jesus had been laid and it got me to thinking: that stone seal is symbolic of how Jesus had opened the door for humankind to eternal life. Before Jesus … Continue reading

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In Every Breath You May Breathe in Jesus

Here is an interesting book excerpt:  If you make a few assumptions about the mixing of gases and the lifetimes of molecules in the atmosphere, it turns out that, on average, one molecule of “Caesar air” — or any other historic … Continue reading

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Painting of painting of Jesus

Not sure who the original painting was by: attributed to El Greco and to Karl Bryullov (Russian artist of 1800s). Either way, I think it is an exceptionally emotionally powerful picture of Christ. Painted mine with dime-store acrylics. Want to … Continue reading

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