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Amazon Alexa SKill: Alexa, open ham clock

I wrote a new Alexa skill that you can invoke by saying: alexa, open ham clock. It simply returns the Coordinated Universal TIme (UTC) time in Morse Code and is useful for practice in listening to numbers. It was an … Continue reading

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Using Morse Code to Type Mobile Phone Messages

Here is a cool phone app that allows one to type their phone messages with a Morse Code keyboard consisting of a dit and da keys and the space key. It really really reinforces learning the code. Here are the … Continue reading

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Emergency QRP Transmitter

Ok, I don’t know how valuable this “emergency” transmitter will actually be but, you could just throw it in your backpack or drawer. Also makes for a nice code practice oscillator. Transmitter is housed in a whiteboard marker case. Green … Continue reading

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Arduino Controlled Morse Code Key and QRP Transmitter

This is kind of a mashup of different projects: an arduino to control a servo that controls a homemade Morse code key that controls a simple 4 to 7 component cw transmitter. I will just show some pictures of the … Continue reading

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Bible in Morse Code MP3 Files

I created an Instructable that shows you how to easily convert the Bible (or parts of it) into MP3 Morse Code files. The software is free and so is the copy(s) of the the Bible text files. The benefits of … Continue reading

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Morse Code Key (and Sounder) Made from Steak Knife and Multi-tester

This is a simple but functional key and code practice oscillator for learning Morse Code made from a steak-knife and multi-tester. Few components and only takes half hour to construct. And when you are finished practicing Morse code you can … Continue reading

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X1M HAM radio

Can get this ham radio in China for two hundred dollars. Not bad deal and it has a good reputation. Will pick one up before I go home. That and a PL600 Tecsun. Update July 2016: this radio is not … Continue reading

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