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Juggling Machine

  Over the past five years I have build a few simple ball juggling machines. The simplest just throws a steel ball bearing from one “mitt” to the other. A second type actually bounces the ball into the other mitt. … Continue reading

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Six Entertaining Things To Do With A Robotic Arm

Check out the video:    

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Lighting EPP Wing with LED Lights

Put couple of LED one meter strings on my wing. Wow, very bright at night and dawn (totally ruins night sight). Much better than EL wire. My LED strings were 3 volt which posed a problem as I had to … Continue reading

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Morse Code Key (and Sounder) Made from Steak Knife and Multi-tester

This is a simple but functional key and code practice oscillator for learning Morse Code made from a steak-knife and multi-tester. Few components and only takes half hour to construct. And when you are finished practicing Morse code you can … Continue reading

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My Serenity Motor

  Ok, this is not an original motor design – it has many names, Robert Adams Motor, Bedini Motor, a version of a Mendocino Motor, levitating electromagnetic pulse motor, and there are probably more. But I like my name for … Continue reading

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Super Octopus RockMite 40 Meter radio

Super Octopus RockMite 40 Meter radio – almost finished. Kit cost $15 and case $8. Just lacking 5 resistors that I got shorted in the kit and then debug. Soldering in a couple places is pretty shoddy but overall I … Continue reading

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I am probably a pretty weird duck, I like to build simple HAM equipment and radios and kits that I cannot use because I don’t have a license and I currently live in a country where, even if I was … Continue reading

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