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Q-learning Machine Learning Crawling Robot

This is a robot that uses the Q-learning algorithm to learn to crawl. Quite an interesting subject. I plan to implement my own algorithm soon. I modified and commented Erick’s Arduino code below: /* Q_Learning Robot by: Erick M. Sirpa … Continue reading

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Six Entertaining Things To Do With A Robotic Arm

Check out the video:    

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Self Balancing Gyroscope Using HD Drive

My latest self balancing project using a hard disk drive, a VTI inclinometer sensor, a servo controlled counterweight and three potentiometers to control the PID parameters. Works great. Even better now that I added a little weight to the top … Continue reading

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Arduino Controlled Morse Code Key and QRP Transmitter

This is kind of a mashup of different projects: an arduino to control a servo that controls a homemade Morse code key that controls a simple 4 to 7 component cw transmitter. I will just show some pictures of the … Continue reading

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My Serenity Motor

  Ok, this is not an original motor design – it has many names, Robert Adams Motor, Bedini Motor, a version of a Mendocino Motor, levitating electromagnetic pulse motor, and there are probably more. But I like my name for … Continue reading

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My robot is right-handed.

My latest 3 servo DuckBot is asymmetrical. What I mean by that is that it is slightly balanced more to the right than the left – and because of that it is able to do some things that it could … Continue reading

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My latest robot – I’m such a nerd.

This robot waddles like a duck, recovers from face-plants and does yoga.    

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