Praying for my enemies…

I don’t have any enemies in the sense that there is anyone that wants to kill me or me them. I can’t even think of anyone I hate and I have never wished anyone dead. Yet, I do have enemies in the Faith – those who do wish my belief in God was dead – occasionally those who wish I were dead. I class most of them under the name of Atheist.

I think the first real Atheist I  overtly encountered in my studies was Carl Sagan whose books I devoured and reread many times. I loved his presentation of science but eventually he turned science priest and advocated that all men should dispose of their religious propensities. Others that identified with his prescriptions (or he with theirs) was Christopher Hitchens, Dawkins, Sam Harris, Danial Dennett, and lots of atheistic scientists, philosophers, celebrities, materialists, et al. They are the only real enemies I have.

So I have sometimes imagined how they would (will) react when falling into the hands of God. I have pictured the shock of surprise and confusion on their faces when they “wake up” after they have died to the presence of something rather than nothing. I even have felt some glee and sense of justified revenge.  For that, I am sorry.

Now I have decided that my proper response is not to even pity them, but to pray for them – those who are still alive, that they may come to know the confidence of belief in an invisible but loving God, and for those who passed on, that God may still forgive and comfort them in their separation from the Creator and His kingdom.

There have been many famous personages who have converted from atheism to theism and Christianity. I am thinking of CS Lewis, Francis Collins, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Antony Flew, and others. So it is possible for a Dawkins or Harris to refute their unbelief and that is what I want to pray for now. I pray that some critical event will take place in these peoples lives that will allow them to question their passionate distaste for what they perceive as an irrational trust in a divine and all-knowing watchmaker.  I pray that God will intervene in their lives and use them to bless a world that is quickly turning away from Him in great numbers. After all, we are all relatives at some point in our ancestry and eternity will be a great opportunity to get to know our missing family members better.


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Does God Do Statistics?

I watched a movie about Alan Turing, the brilliant mathematician who helped solve the riddle of the German code machine. Once he was able to read the enemies coded messages, he had a conundrum: if the British Army showed up at every place the enemy showed up, it would tip the Germans off that their codes had been broken. So, they had to use statistics to help decide when to intervene and when not to. That meant sometimes lives would be saved and sometimes they would let them die – playing God.

Is this how God works too? Does he use statistics to decide that one time He will intervene in the laws of nature and save a life and another time He won’t. Obviously He can not cure every disease and save every life – that would tip us off that He is here working among us and that would obliterate any need for faith. Also, it would be a terribly crowded world.

If this is true then it seems that life and death struggles are little more than chance and I have a difficult time accepting this conclusion. What then is the necessity for intercessory prayer? I believe we can alter the odds in our favor sometimes by prayer and failing that, we can always expect that He answers our prayers and provides the best solution. I have seen both responses from God and when I really stop and think about a particular situation – I have never failed to receive the best possible answer from Him.

God is a statistician but a crafty one.

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Juggling Machine


Over the past five years I have build a few simple ball juggling machines. The simplest just throws a steel ball bearing from one “mitt” to the other. A second type actually bounces the ball into the other mitt. My goal is to build a Claude Shannon bounce juggling machine that passes three balls back and forth. I have been able to bounce juggle two balls for a few exchanges before it misses one of the throws. My first machines used low torque geared motors but my linkage setup proved inadequate and the low torque couldn’t move the mitt arms consistently, it would vary the speed of the arm and so the timing would be thrown off and the balls get missed. Here is my latest attempt at building a juggling machine using a motor:


I then decided to go to a servo controlled arm and did get a few single ball throws working but there was too much slop in the control linkage. When I finally got the linkage problem sorted out I found out that the servo has too much play to make the juggler work so I have abandoned using the servo and now will build a more mechanically stable arm and linkage and go back to using a motor. I plan to use a bicycle axle and bearings to hold the arm and metal arms for the motor and linkage. That should give me consistent performance. The only problem may be that the motor is still too under-powered to give consistent results.


Next: going back to motor.

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Six Entertaining Things To Do With A Robotic Arm

Check out the video:



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Stephen Hawking – A Play In One Act

                                                 (Stephen Hawking wakes up in a spiritual domain.)


 What? I should be dead – nothing. Yet I still am aware. Something is amiss. Ah, there’s Chris Hitchens and Carl Sagan. I’ll ask them what’s up.

Hi guys. Fancy meeting you in this place.


Yeah, I guess we are sitting around anticipating a meet with this mystical Eye in the Sky but all I’ve seen are a bunch of whiners and moaners in a big waiting room.


Yes, there must be billions and billions of souls in this place – a veritable cosmic household of humanity – all wondering what will be the outcome of our situation.


Well, Carl, I guess we were wrong about atheism – sure as hell hope the Christians were wrong about hell.


Yes Chris, I suppose I should have said: “The Cosmos is NOT all that there is or was or ever will be.”


I’ll wager a subscription to The Christian Chronicle that we’re going to wish we were vanishing black holes. There must be a formula for our current predicament. Have you seen a blackboard anywhere? That is if Albert will give it up.

                                                             (fade to black… holes?)



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Will God Return to Earth to Save It From Us?

It is always dangerous to prophecy because someone may take you serious. But in this day and age when humans actually have the power to catastrophically transform the garden of plenty we humans were entrusted with, into a slag-heap,  perhaps it is a justifiable and logical time for God to step in and take over the console to planet Earth. We are capable of nuclear annihilation, we have, or will have, too many people to feed, we are at the brink of an AI revolution which may have tragic consequences, our seas are losing their boundaries because of our energy excesses, we are courting biological disasters – in fewer words: we have lost control. Jesus come quickly. The timing just seems right.

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Emergency QRP Transmitter

Ok, I don’t know how valuable this “emergency” transmitter will actually be but, you could just throw it in your backpack or drawer. Also makes for a nice code practice oscillator. Transmitter is housed in a whiteboard marker case. Green lead clips to antenna (or wire fence) and other leads to battery (<12 volts). I am using a 7.159 mhz crystal and N2222 transistor. I have mine in my junkbox and pull it out when I want to play with a simple transmitter – without an external antenna it will only transmit across the room. And it is just a fun little build. Outside you could hook it to a barb-wire fence, found piece of wire, windmill tower. The originator (K7NS) got about ten miles line of site reception. Of course, no filtering but then in an emergency situation that is a plus.


Emergency QRP TX 5

Emergency QRP TX 7

Emergency QRP TX 3

Emergency QRP TX 4

This schematic is from here: Easy Ten from K7NS



Or you could always just put the parts in a plastic bag with the schematic and keep it in your backpack, never know when it might come in handy.

I haven’t measured output yet but did build a little holder with a Arduino controlled servo to push the button key while I wander around outside to check reception. Will update this blog when I get my rf power meter built (again). Need some IN60P diodes.

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