Stephen Hawking – A Play In One Act

                                                 (Stephen Hawking wakes up in a spiritual domain.)


 What? I should be dead – nothing. Yet I still am aware. Something is amiss. Ah, there’s Chris Hitchens and Carl Sagan. I’ll ask them what’s up.

Hi guys. Fancy meeting you in this place.


Yeah, I guess we are sitting around anticipating a meet with this mystical Eye in the Sky but all I’ve seen are a bunch of whiners and moaners in a big waiting room.


Yes, there must be billions and billions of souls in this place – a veritable cosmic household of humanity – all wondering what will be the outcome of our situation.


Well, Carl, I guess we were wrong about atheism – sure as hell hope the Christians were wrong about hell.


Yes Chris, I suppose I should have said: “The Cosmos is NOT all that there is or was or ever will be.”


I’ll wager a subscription to The Christian Chronicle that we’re going to wish we were vanishing black holes. There must be a formula for our current predicament. Have you seen a blackboard anywhere? That is if Albert will give it up.

                                                             (fade to black… holes?)



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Will God Return to Earth to Save It From Us?

It is always dangerous to prophecy because someone may take you serious. But in this day and age when humans actually have the power to catastrophically transform the garden of plenty we humans were entrusted with, into a slag-heap,  perhaps it is a justifiable and logical time for God to step in and take over the console to planet Earth. We are capable of nuclear annihilation, we have, or will have, too many people to feed, we are at the brink of an AI revolution which may have tragic consequences, our seas are losing their boundaries because of our energy excesses, we are courting biological disasters – in fewer words: we have lost control. Jesus come quickly. The timing just seems right.

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Emergency QRP Transmitter

Ok, I don’t know how valuable this “emergency” transmitter will actually be but, you could just throw it in your backpack or drawer. Also makes for a nice code practice oscillator. Transmitter is housed in a whiteboard marker case. Green lead clips to antenna (or wire fence) and other leads to battery (<12 volts). I am using a 7.159 mhz crystal and N2222 transistor. I have mine in my junkbox and pull it out when I want to play with a simple transmitter – without an external antenna it will only transmit across the room. And it is just a fun little build. Outside you could hook it to a barb-wire fence, found piece of wire, windmill tower. The originator (K7NS) got about ten miles line of site reception. Of course, no filtering but then in an emergency situation that is a plus.


Emergency QRP TX 5

Emergency QRP TX 7

Emergency QRP TX 3

Emergency QRP TX 4

This schematic is from here: Easy Ten from K7NS



Or you could always just put the parts in a plastic bag with the schematic and keep it in your backpack, never know when it might come in handy.

I haven’t measured output yet but did build a little holder with a Arduino controlled servo to push the button key while I wander around outside to check reception. Will update this blog when I get my rf power meter built (again). Need some IN60P diodes.

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Before the Throne of God Above – Simple Guitar Tab

This gallery contains 3 photos.

  Before the Throne of God Above Guitar Tab PDF

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AI Web-crawler Welcome Here

This is the future of artificial intelligence – AI web-crawlers will be scavenging the web for data. And I look forward to the day they find my blogs as well as others so that I will become part of the historical records of those who proclaim their faith in God.

Perhaps there will be AIs that specialize in religious doctrine and will even be able to reveal new insights into biblical scriptures. For instance, though not uncovered by an AI, this link ( discusses a relatively new way of looking at the book of Job as a parallel and prophecy of Christ. In fact, some of the text of Job doesn’t seem to make sense in the life of Job but clearly applies to the life and character of Jesus. So, imagine the fantastic discoveries awaiting a super intelligent AI with all the facts of history, philosophy, archeology, and religion in its hands.

AI can be used for good or evil. Surely we have no need to fear that an AI will ultimately proclaim that our faith is a sham. But, in that event, we will have yet another opportunity to glory in our unshakeable and impregnable faith.

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I am a bit depressed right now; no clear direction or goals to pull me on. I haven’t done anything noteworthy or useful to humanity with my life. And now I cower under the shadow of old age and final dissolution.

My religious observance is a joke – not even that as at least a parody is a cheap imitation. The pity is that even if I had a do-over I have no idea what I would want to do. I have probably only a few years left and it is best not to waste them but what to do? Only heaven is eternal. I am afraid of dying and judgment.

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control – I seem to have none of these in great supply. I can only pray for guidance as there are no sure answers from this side of heaven. I am alone.

And yet I cannot give up my appeals and crying and apologies to God. I  wonder – does He hate me because I am often lukewarm in keeping His commands; not lukewarm in believing He is though, and yet the demons believe and tremble. I also tremble.

Do angels have doubts? They must have a certain amount of free choice if a portion of them fell from grace. Can one have doubts having seen the face of God – blessed are those who have not seen His face and yet still believe. How am I different from the demons if I believe but haven’t the fruits of the Spirit? Perhaps I am a demon. Then if I am, I will go to hell believing in God and even praise His name because I know He is Goodness and Righteousness even though I have failed Him. I still pray, “Lord let me just sweep the streets of Heaven”. I joke, “How hard can it be if the streets of made of gold?” And I am serious; I don’t want to sit at His right or left hand, I don’t want a position of power. I just want to sit in the background, in the last row of heavenly observers, craning my neck to get a glimpse of Glory. Let me clean up after all the others and perform the most menial tasks. Let me serve the angels and wash their wings or wait on their tables. I would carry a spear or beat the drums of war if there are such things. Just let me go to Heaven so I can gaze on Glory and Goodness.

But if I must go to hell then let me suffer the burning and shame by praising God from there because I know that demons and the greatest of the demons are wrong, as are the atheists (though I don’t judge them). I deserve their agony as well.

Perhaps in a million years God will relent and have a change of heart even as Moses argued with God and won – and He will let me and others pass across the impassable gulf. I can only hope.


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What Happened to the Gold of the Second Temple?

Several years ago I visited the Forbidden City in Beijing and noticed that there were marks on some of the ornaments in the temples and buildings where gold had been scraped off. It got me to thinking about the destruction of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem during Titus’ siege. I thought that if during the dismantling of the temple that if the gold had similarly been scraped off then the soil around the temple must have a high content of gold in it. I submitted my theory to a couple of biblical archeologists and got two responses: the first said that it was an interesting idea and should be investigated and the second said that the gold would have melted into clumps during the fires that raged during the destruction of the city and therefore would not be found in the soil.  Personally, I believe that the looters would have still had to scrape the gold away from the stones to which it probably adhered during the melting and cooling process. So, perhaps some of the gold is still in microscopic form in the landfills where the temple refuse had been deposited and is still in some of the dirt surrounding the temple mount area today. Would be an interesting graduate project for some aspiring archeological student to assay some soil samples. Also, it might give an indication of the true location of the temple since that is questionable to this day.

Secondly, what happened to the gold that was carted away by Titus and his soldiers? Well here is an interesting link that implies some of it was used to build the Coliseum in Rome.…015/06/02/jerusalem-in-rome

Finally, I imagine that much of it was taken by the Roman soldiers too and distributed throughout the Roman Empire and the rest of the world from there. Perhaps even some of it resides in our own gold rings and therefore we are wearing gold that ornamented the temple where Jesus once stood.


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