My view of Heaven

To me Heaven is a real place, one that I dearly wish to get to and one that I stake my soul on, and for which I make the only real vow of value – that I believe it exists and that Jesus is the Way there.

I can’t really visualize the location or appearance of Heaven but I can see this happening: I will be standing near another spiritual soul and we will be located on the new earth, staring into Heavens heaven and we will choose one of the beautiful stars there and low and behold a three or four or infinite dimension replay occurs of one of our simplest and least important moments of sacrifice or love or piety or obedience – in all its glory and glorification of God. In other words, every little deed we performed in the name of God is kept eternally present in Heaven and every failure and moment of weakness is eternally forgotten. In this life, we don’t need to accomplish great spiritual feats – we just need to drop little seeds every day and we can do that by just maintaining a constant attitude of love and service.

I often am “interrupted” in my daily routine by my students but I should never see it as an interruption, but rather as an opportunity to give them a little attention, a moment of notice and encouragement – it only takes a second and they remember it for a long time, if not forever, and the moment turns into an eternal moment, preserved in heavenly CGI and Dolby special effects. I must see my life as spreading little insignificant seeds – not in trying to turn the world upside down with grand plans. Do we want to be remembered for something that is everlasting – offer the cup of cool water to a thirsty soul – offer a word of kindness to a hurting stranger. I believe these are the deeds that power the stars of Heaven.

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A Three Legged Dog Day

God speaks to me – sometimes He uses happenstance to do it.

I was riding my mountain-bike up and down my usual route outside the East University gate along a recently newly cemented road through the local farms. On a hill I saw a three legged dog hobbling towards me and I felt a moment of compassion and then I asked God to give me a message. I’m not sure if I asked for the message before I saw the dog or not. I wasn’t feeling particularly good this day because of something that had gone on the day before. Well nothing particularly useful occurred to my mind so I kept biking up to where I usually take a break – on a cut down tree laying on the side of the road.

Finally I was listening. A three legged dog is not designed that way – it just functions in spite of its disability and surprisingly it over functions because it is carrying a full sized dog on a poor geometry. I am a 100 percent efficient design that often functions at 75% or less because I am human – damaged goods. I often carry around a huge amount of unnecessary emotional baggage that impedes my ability to perform well. And when I say perform I mean in a spiritually beneficial way to myself and others.  But in spite of my damage, I can still bless one soul by doing one good deed this day – which is eternal in nature. That is a Three Legged Dog Day.


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We Are Bricks In A Living Church

We change from day to day in intensity and fervor. We change from month to month and year to year in understanding, comprehension and opinion. One day we are a brick in the outer wall of the church, high up in the steeple where no one sees us closely yet we are closer to God in spirit than those who lie directly on the foundation of the building. A month later we have migrated to the doorway where we greet newcomers with outstretched hands. Those bricks on the outside face the world daily and serve in capacities of service and volunteerism. Inside the building the walls are composed of great formal worshipers who communicate in the Spirit with fire and passion, having more in common with Mary than Martha.

To look at the building is to see something alive – the walls vibrant and undulating – growing larger in times of war, shrinking in eras of peace – built on the unmovable foundation of the the only man to walk on a sea. It lives and breathes and changes its face yet never sways or collapses like structures in the city it occupies.

I am a brick today in the outer most part of the wall – hidden from view, supported by a buttress and away from the fine choruses and ministerial podiums. Alone, yet unalone, I serve simply to stand as a moral example, or spread a trifle charity, or shoulder a crying student with words of a biblical nature. Perhaps to just say, “God please help this person – and me.” Once I served as part of the podium but with little effect. God moved my brick to where it suited Him. I have little honor or recognition yet I am content. My responsibilities are few and simple –  to love in action and shine just a little more light in a  dingy world. I bring news of a man who defies natural law and death and promises us that we too will do the same. Some have never heard this message and it is my elementary task. I am the brick of the peasant today – perhaps spreading a single seed. Thank you Father for laying this brick so well.

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Lighting EPP Wing with LED Lights

Put couple of LED one meter strings on my wing. Wow, very bright at night and dawn (totally ruins night sight). Much better than EL wire. My LED strings were 3 volt which posed a problem as I had to power them separately from my ESC battery but I had two small 1s lipos that are light and power the strings just fine. I tried using the 6 volts off the receiver but it almost killed my ESC – drew too many amps. I suppose 6 volt LEDs might work but could still draw too many amps. Other alternative is to use 12 volt LEDS and use ESC battery – probably the lightest solution and better if having more than 2 meters of LEDs.

I put the leds face down on the EPP so that they light up the wing more. Need to tape down the wires I guess for less drag. Very little weight added to the wing.

I bought my LED one meter strings (3528) for 11 rmb each (about 2 bucks) which is a whole lot cheaper than US prices that I have seen. Was worth the try. Guess I will keep them on the wing for a while and do some dawn flights since I go out running on the football field at that time anyway before the students start arriving for their runs.

Have a strange problem in that when I solder connectors to the strings and plug in the battery, only the green lights work. The red and yellow just blink on briefly and then go out. Guess the plug causes a touch too much resistance for the current my batteries are supplying (450mah). Not s
ure how I will get around this problem except with larger current batteries. Would be nice to have some other colors on the wing.


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Arduino Controlled Morse Code Key and QRP Transmitter

This is kind of a mashup of different projects: an arduino to control a servo that controls a homemade Morse code key that controls a simple 4 to 7 component cw transmitter. I will just show some pictures of the various parts and a few comments about each. Please note that operating a cw transmitter generally requires a ham radio license unless you terminate the transmitter with a dummy load resistor to keep from propagating a signal outside of your house. A license is a pretty easy prospect these days since proficiency with Morse code is no longer required.

Why do this project?

1. It is entertaining to watch the arduino control the key with a servo.

2. It is a good practice oscillator for listening to Morse code.

3. It can operate your key and transmitter while you go outside the house and check reception.

Have fun – de ke8bsh



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Bible in Morse Code MP3 Files

I created an Instructable that shows you how to easily convert the Bible (or parts of it) into MP3 Morse Code files. The software is free and so is the copy(s) of the the Bible text files. The benefits of converting the Bible (or any text file) is that you can choose the speed and side-tone frequency.

Go here to find instructions: Convert Bible to MP3 Files Instructable

If you want the Bible written in Morse Code in one large pdf file then please go to my link:

KING JAMES VERSION BIBLE written in Morse Code (and MP3 option)


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Morse Code Key (and Sounder) Made from Steak Knife and Multi-tester

This is a simple but functional key and code practice oscillator for learning Morse Code made from a steak-knife and multi-tester. Few components and only takes half hour to construct. And when you are finished practicing Morse code you can put the knife back in the kitchen drawer.

Parts list:

block of wood


2 inch binder clip

4 small magnets

multi-tester or volt-meter that has resistance tester (ohm-meter) with sound

I basically got the idea to use a steak-knife from K4IBZ’s Beef Eater Special here:…

There are many homemade keys out there on the web. Even one made from just paper clips.

Here are a bunch of very innovative homemade keys:…

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