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Caesar and Jesus, Son of God?

When Christ was crucified the Roman soldier (centurion) declared, “Truly this was the son of God.”  When reading these accounts we usually emphasize “was” as in, “it was at first doubtful that he was the son of God but now … Continue reading

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Dawkins and Harris Aren’t Very Smart

Dawkins has made no bones about what he thinks should be done about Christianity – exterminate! But his approach is just to write books that propose how ridiculous Christianity is scientifically speaking. What he really should do is organize an … Continue reading

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Did Jesus look like a rabbi?

I wonder how Jesus dressed and did he look like the rabbis of the day. I believe he probably dressed like any other Jewish man because the Samaritan woman knew immediately that he was Jewish but didn’t pin him as … Continue reading

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Questions About Church

1. Who are my brothers and sisters? Who can you worship with, Baptists, Mormons, Catholics, Methodists, Lutherans, official govt churches? I was raised Church of Christ, a very fundamentalist religious organization (of independent churches) that teaches strict adherence to their … Continue reading

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2000 Years Ago Jesus was about 18

It seems amazing that exactly 2000 years has passed since the time Jesus walked as a man on Earth. It is hard to picture to myself the Saviour of mankind as a teenager, who would begin his final ministry only … Continue reading

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