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Amazon Alexa SKill: Alexa, open ham clock

I wrote a new Alexa skill that you can invoke by saying: alexa, open ham clock. It simply returns the Coordinated Universal TIme (UTC) time in Morse Code and is useful for practice in listening to numbers. It was an … Continue reading

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Using Morse Code to Type Mobile Phone Messages

Here is a cool phone app that allows one to type their phone messages with a Morse Code keyboard consisting of a dit and da keys and the space key. It really really reinforces learning the code. Here are the … Continue reading

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Emergency QRP Transmitter

Ok, I don’t know how valuable this “emergency” transmitter will actually be but, you could just throw it in your backpack or drawer. Also makes for a nice code practice oscillator. Transmitter is housed in a whiteboard marker case. Green … Continue reading

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KING JAMES VERSION BIBLE written in Morse Code (and MP3 option)

KJV_BIBLE_in_Morse_Code¬† ¬† (safe pdf file) I converted a public domain bible into Morse Code using a AWK program. Some of you probably came here hoping to get the Bible in MP3 format. So I have created an Instructable that shows … Continue reading

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I am probably a pretty weird duck, I like to build simple HAM equipment and radios and kits that I cannot use because I don’t have a license and I currently live in a country where, even if I was … Continue reading

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