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Fasting for Spiritual Health

The Bible has many examples of fasting and I always wondered how exactly fasting is helpful – physically – spiritually – mentally? I have always been a little confused by what exactly are the benefits to be gotten and now … Continue reading

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Dawkins and Harris Aren’t Very Smart

Dawkins has made no bones about what he thinks should be done about Christianity – exterminate! But his approach is just to write books that propose how ridiculous Christianity is scientifically speaking. What he really should do is organize an … Continue reading

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Plight of the Sagan – Dawkins – Hitchens

“As I know not whence I come, so I know not whither I go. I know only that, in leaving this world, I fall for ever either into annihilation or into the hands of an angry God, without knowing to … Continue reading

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Is Wormwood a Deadly Asteroid?

In Revelation there are some prophecies that speak about what seems to be celestial events and could be swarms of asteroids or comets on a collision course with Earth. 7The first angel sounded his trumpet, and there came hail and … Continue reading

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Where is the Ark of the Covenant?

The last mention of the presence of the ark is in King Josiah’s days around 622bc (2 Chronicles 35:3). From then on it is not obviously in anyone’s presence. And the prophet Jeremiah said in 3:16: In those days, when … Continue reading

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I believe in God because…

I like Pascals Wager: it’s just a good bet. I was thinking the other day about “glove”. That was the mnemonic I used to remember a passing thought I had about “guilt” and “love”. Though I live a life often … Continue reading

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We Cannot Save Our Planet

Here is a pretty negative and decisive verdict on our ability to save planet Earth. Shocker: Top Google Engineers Say Renewable Energy ‘Simply won’t work’ Only God can work it out.  

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