Caesar and Jesus, Son of God?

When Christ was crucified the Roman soldier (centurion) declared, “Truly this was the son of God.”  When reading these accounts we usually emphasize “was” as in, “it was at first doubtful that he was the son of God but now I am sure it is true he was the son of God. ” But I prefer to emphasize “this” as in, “our Caesars declared themselves gods and sons of gods but after what I have seen I declare that this is truly the son of God.”  Here was a Roman citizen, no doubt very familiar with Roman gods and also being a centurion, he was probably very intelligent and familiar with the stories surrounding his prisoner, Jesus – who claimed that it wasn’t Augustus or Tiberius Caesar that were sons of god but rather that this man was truly the son of God, attested to by what he had seen at Jesus death.  A reliable Roman citizen, a first-hand witness, and participant in Jesus death, is a much more credible witness to the holiness and truth of who Jesus was than all the writings, claims and assertions of all the atheistic writers of the last 2000 years. Jesus was the son God, not Caesar.

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Self Balancing Gyroscope Using HD Drive

Gyro HDD 1.1 with Pots

My latest self balancing project using a hard disk drive, a VTI inclinometer sensor, a servo controlled counterweight and three potentiometers to control the PID parameters. Works great. Even better now that I added a little weight to the top of the gimbal/gyro.

I discovered the following: if the gyro weight is far below the gimbal, it takes very little movement to make corrections but it is also almost impossible for the computer to make such small corrections – the higher you raise the gyro, the better the computer can control. Optimum is where the motor is on the gimbal axis and the gyro below. If we keep moving the gyro up to the top heavy configuration, we have the most balance – that is until it exceeds a certain angle and then we lose control. Seems the best place is just having the gyro slightly bottom heavy which makes it easiest for the computer to control and allows total control without fear of the gyroscope flipping over. My gyro was balancing , but just barely (rpm of 4000 is too slow, waiting for new ESC) so I added a little weight to the top which simulates moving the gyro up to where the motor is on the axis, and it balanced much better. That seems to be the sweet spot for PID computer control.


New ESC / add wheels / may be try controlling gimbal directly


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My New Merida Ukulele

Bought in Shanghai at East Jinling Road music store for 800rmb. Didn’t know Merida made ukuleles. May be a second as it has slight blem on woodwork on front. Light and plays nice, has nice sound.

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We Will Be Superheroes

I love super-heroes, science-fiction, artificial-intelligence, teleportation, faster than light transportation, magic, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and scientific theories of parallel dimensions, aliens, time-travel and future worlds. I think most people have imagined sometime in their life that they have been gifted with an incredible and exceptional special power or ability and what they could achieve with it. This desire seems to be ingrained in us at an early age where we promptly lose it and then “grow up”. I have never grown up. I love too the supernatural.

I think scientists have never really grown up and they are blessed with an above average level of desire for special capabilities and it really surprises me that they are so locked into such a materialistic mindset that they cannot accept the supernatural. They are the ultimate doubting Thomas (who must have been the atheist of the Disciples.)

Jesus is my superhero because I believe he really exists, and he is the fulfillment or embodiment of all the superhero abilities I listed above. He controls time, space and energy better than any Superman and he has a spiritual component that is lacking in all the DC Comics characters – love.

Scientists are searchers because they can’t stand to let a good mystery go unprobed. But because the atheistic ones cannot accept a supernatural explanation for unexplained phenomenon, they miss out on the truly supreme experience – the one that Jesus promised each person who believes in Him – that we will be just like Jesus at the Resurrection – superheros. (Philippians 3:21)

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Jesus Tomb Was a Gateway To Eternity

I read a blog about the stone sealing the tomb where Jesus had been laid and it got me to thinking: that stone seal is symbolic of how Jesus had opened the door for humankind to eternal life. Before Jesus had died, death was the inevitable conclusion to a mans life following the catastrophic behavior of Adam and Eve. Yes, some souls had been revived at the death of Jesus and there was Lazarus,  only to have to die all over again. Where we would reside had Jesus not opened the way to eternal life, I don’t know.

Men had knowingly sealed the door to Jesus tomb in hopes that He would stay dead. Angels had opened the tomb through the power of Jesus taking life back again and dealing death a fateful blow. Jesus, walking out the door that men had sealed, opened the way to life.

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In Every Breath You May Breathe in Jesus

Here is an interesting book excerpt:  If you make a few assumptions about the mixing of gases and the lifetimes of molecules in the atmosphere, it turns out that, on average, one molecule of “Caesar air” — or any other historic liter of air, for that matter — appears in each breath you take.  (Caesar’s Last Breath by Sam Kean)

So in every breath we take we may take in a molecule of air that Jesus breathed. It turns out that He is not only (though more importantly) with us in His Spirit – but physically he is still with us too. That makes me breathe more consciously and deeply and spiritually, knowing that he will be with me until my final breath.

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Painting of painting of Jesus

Not sure who the original painting was by: attributed to El Greco and to Karl Bryullov (Russian artist of 1800s). Either way, I think it is an exceptionally emotionally powerful picture of Christ.

Jesus by Brulloff

Painted mine with dime-store acrylics. Want to try oils someday.

I wonder when in Heaven if we will look around and say, Where is Jesus?- because our paintings of him were so off.



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