Genesis 11: The Tower of Babel

God told men to fill the earth, but they decided to stop at Shinar because they were afraid of being scattered over the earth. And then they decided to build a temple to join earth with heaven  and as a monument to themselves, not to God. How we still have not learned our lesson. As others have related, it is interesting that what is perceived as a monument to pierce the heavens, is from Gods perspective – barely perceptible.

I did some reading and Youtubing and it seems that the original Tower of Babel foundations are still to be seen today in the following Google Earth photo.

Tower of Babel Site


It is possible the original Tower of Babel was begun by Nimrod and later completed by Nebuchadnezzar II.  Regardless of mans folly, God confounded their plans and completed his original plan of populating the Earth, and so as to prevent a future attempt to halt His intent, He confounded their languages. Smart! Had not men been so intent on uniting themselves in one city/state with one language, we might today all just be speaking various dialects of a single language. Many languages today still retain traits and obvious references to the time of Noah.

On an archaeological note: the Tower of Babel remnants are of brick and bitumen. Just like the Bible says. Huh!

Only in Jesus have men been united into a single culture – the indwelling of the Spirit in each one of us bonds us in a single language and culture of Love and obedience to God.

The chapter finishes with a few more genealogies,  the length of men’s lives growing shorter and the stage being set for Abraham.





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Genesis 10: The Grandparents of the World

Genealogies are boring but the sons of Noah populated the world and there were only three family lines that we came from – unless Noah had other children after the flood?

Japheth fathered probably the Europeans, Shem the Hebrews and Middle Easterners and Ham the North Africans and Asians. I found it interesting, since I live in China, that a grandson of Ham was Sin from which perhaps the Sino (China) people came. It is also noteworthy that many of the early cities of these tribes still retained various spellings and derivations of the names of the sons of Noah.

We European stock probably came predominantly from Gomer (the Gauls and Germans), the grandson of Japheth.

Why would God include such a detailed genealogy? First to show the descent of Jesus directly from Adam, the first man, through Noah and Shem. Also I believe that it shows that we are all brothers and sisters – regardless of our color and differences. The world is one family, related by blood to each other and to God. And we are related to Jesus through his grandparents who are also ours – Noah (and wife). It also shows that Jesus was NOT European though we like to portray him as such in our biased and egocentric movies. And finally it provides a reasonable and believable source for our family tree and all cultures.

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Genesis 9: What did Ham Do?

In Genesis 9 God gives all beasts into the hands of men, even as food, with a caveat: don’t eat the life blood and if a man or beast kills another man, then the life of the killer is required. The rainbow is given as a sign the earth will not endure another world wide flood. Ham performs some mysterious offence against Noah. Noah curses Canaan. Noah lives a long time and then dies.

I guess the most engrossing and titillating story within the stories of this chapter is about Ham dissing Noah and then Noah cursing (or prophesying about)  Ham’s grandson, Canaan.

There are many theories bandied about about what exactly did Ham do to Noah and most of them involve some sexual impropriety on Ham’s part (and perhaps on other players as well). The story goes that Noah, at some time after the ark landed – we don’t know how long – could be years, cultivated a vinyard, made some wine and got drunk. He ended up naked in his tent, Ham saw or said or did something to Noah and then told his brothers who would not even look upon Noah’s nakedness. Noah then awoke, knew somehow what had transpired and cursed, not Ham, but Ham’s grandson Canaan.

Now the theories or speculations on what exactly transpired in the tent between Noah and Ham range from Ham just observing that his father was drunk and naked to Ham having incestuous intercourse with his father or his mother to Ham castrating his father. When I read about these speculations I at first dismissed them out of hand as musings of a salacious and vulgar imagination. Then… I read this:

Now I wonder what took place in the tent. And the speculation that Noah got drunk, and Ham took advantage of the situation to have sex with Noah’s wife, in a lewd power-play, and which made the mother of the Canaanites – Noah’s wife, is intriguing. But again, we just don’t and won’t know for sure what happened in our lifetime.

And then Noah seems to have cursed Ham’s grandson Canaan. And an interesting fact about the Canaanites is that they, and their various tribes, were guilty of sexual sins. Was Noah cursing or prophesying.

What can I take home from this chapter? These kinds of stories make the Bible real and believable to me – you just can’t make up this kind of drama. And regardless of mankind’s foibles – God is able to work it all out to His satisfaction or desires. Therefore, when I am in turmoil over some personal stupidity – I know that He is able to make it all right and He is not going to consign me to Hell because I acted human (like Noah) BUT if I persist in playing the evil game( like Ham) – well I may not be the only one to suffer – but my actions may damn my friends, family, nation, world.

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Genesis 8: The Flood Abates

This chapter is about how the flood subsides, the fountains of deep reclaim their water, Noah abides in the ark until God lets him out, Noah initiates alter sacrifice and God promises to never flood the world again – not that He does not promise to not destroy the world – evil men being the evil creatures they are.

I take from this chapter that God can change His mind – especially if we implore Him. He wanted to destroy all men at first – yet He reneged. Though the future is transparent to Him, it is not cast in stone – and we can have a say in it if we but prevail on His goodness.

It is interesting that Josephus and other ancient writers mention that parts of the ark were still present in their time.

And Noah left the ark and sacrificed – how many times have I received answers to my prayers – and then promptly forgotten who answered them.




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Genesis 7: The Flood

Didn’t have too many thoughts about this chapter as it seems pretty straight forward – the animals come, Noah and his family enter the ark, God shuts the door, it rains for 40 days causing a flood to cover even the highest mountains and everything that wasn’t in the ark dies – except the fish – though some versions even mention the things that swim died too so not sure what to make of that.

It does strike me strange that Noah’s sons were 100 years old – but had no children of their own? Was that God’s plan to limit the number of occupants of the ark? Did they marry late just before the flood? Perhaps Noah had grand-children but they were not saved. Interesting.

Many commentaries make much of the symbolism of 40 as in 40 days of testing and trial. Also  a natural question arises as to where did all that water come from. One commentary stated that the oceans floors could have been raised and then the amount of water would be sufficient – also the water locked up in the polar ice caps. Well, if one believes in God, we know He could have turned dry land into water as easily as water into wine.

I speculate that those who were accustomed to seeing Noah’s ark gradually taking shape probably thought he was a nut case but what do you think they were thinking when the animals just started appearing out of no where and then marching in time into the ark? Well, the atheists today are no different than the scoffers and nay-sayers in Noah’s time. They laugh at us who believe in the literal accuracy of the Bible and all we can do is pray for a change of heart – a gift of faith – as one day whether alive in this world or from the judgement square, they will witness the destruction and rebirth of the universe. So, who are we going to be, a Noah or a son of Cain?

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Genesis 6: A dragon is coming!

The theories surrounding the “sons of God” and the “daughters of men or humans” abound and produce some pretty entertaining stories. Perhaps the Nephilim were not fallen angels – just evil men, men of renown – but not renown by God. We would probably consider Hitler a Nephilim. How did they survive the flood if they were mentioned as being alive in Numbers?  Was someone being referred to as a Nephilim just a metaphorical reference resulting from the collective memory of Noah’s family? A metaphor for a giant of evil?

Some folks believe The Flood was not a global event but rather a partial flood as there seems to be geological evidence for many partial floods but, for many, questionable evidence for a global one. Well I am no geologist. But a partial flood seems not to fill the bill as God wanted to destroy everything and everyone and if you wandered outside the area of the flood, well you would survive. But one just has to accept that the Bible is inspired and true and no amount of philosophizing will convince a skeptic. “Everything on earth will perish.” – except that life outside of the partial flood area – haha.

Would I have been saved if I were alive at the time of the flood – guess not unless I had been Noah or one of his sons. And now it is our time and God will again rearrange the earth and heavens and we will be destroyed if we are not made righteous through Jesus Christ – we have the choice again to be saved through the simple expedient of belief. A global flood is coming again but this time not with water but fire. And not just the earth, but the heavens too – so no spacecraft or future colony on Mars will provide a way of escape as it would have in the time of the flood.

I see why atheists laugh at us – it sounds crazy.


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Genesis 5: From Adam to Noah

Generations from Adam to Noah. Interesting that they lived about 800 years – perhaps the food at that time still retained some potency from the Garden?

Seems that Methuselah died the same year as the flood. Some think he died before the flood (so that he could be considered righteous) but regardless, he did not seem to stay with or help Noah and if he was, his other children were not considered for salvation from the coming flood. Nor was Lamech’s  other sons or daughters saved though he died a few years before the flood. Noah was an exceptional man.

We seem to get so caught up in the details of Genesis. It says God created man in his image, then in later chapters it gives more details. But what further details are missing? We argue and fight with each other over those missing details and suffer righteous indignation if anyone disagrees with us, often going so far to judge the others eternal fate. Silly. The thief on the cross probably had a poor understanding of biblical history and the process of salvation and yet was saved. Lord, save me in my ignorance too.


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