Pluto closest flyby this morning

Watched NASA tv on Pluto flyby at 7:50 this morning. Pictures later.

Last night set up little short-tube scope and Steli and I looked at Saturn. Had to use 2xBarlow but nice view of Saturn and could see rings separate from planet.

Always blown away by Saturn.

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Passed My Technician exam

I passed my HAM exam, then took the General and failed miserably but that one was on the house so will study up for it in the near future.

Need to concentrate on finding a job now that I am back in the US and continue learning to hear Morse Code.

My call sign is KE8BSH – not sure I like it much but there it is.

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KJV_BIBLE_in_Morse_Code    (safe pdf file)

I converted a public domain bible into Morse Code using a AWK program.

Great practice for learning to code (Morse Code).

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Robotic Newton’s Cradle


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Home Remedy for Jock Itch

Yeah it is a gross infection but I had it for years and even doctor prescribed medicines didn’t work nor endless cans of Desinex. Then I tried Apple Cider Vinegar. One treatment cured it and it never came back. The Medical Industry is such a racket.

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Live long and prosper! Continue reading

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Gyroscope (flywheel) Propelled Wheel

Now some people say there is a magic force in a gyroscope and that you can utilize this magic force as a reactionless force to propel spacecraft to incredible speeds. I say that is all Hogwarts. The gyro obeys the Newtonian laws of motion – no magic – these people are just spinning their wheels, need to get off welfare and get a real job and quit hoodwinking gullible people.

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