My robot is right-handed.

My latest 3 servo DuckBot is asymmetrical. What I mean by that is that it is slightly balanced more to the right than the left – and because of that it is able to do some things that it could not do if it was perfectly symmetrical. It can balance on the right leg but not the left. After it falls it can roll over in one direction to get up but not the other.

This makes me think that perhaps the reason humans are right or left-handed generally is because it is more economic with brain management of body movement. Takes less storage and neurons. And my robot can compensate by first moving itself to take advantage of using the right-sided ability to recover from a fall rather than having to build and store the code to stand using the left side.


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My latest robot – I’m such a nerd.

This robot waddles like a duck, recovers from face-plants and does yoga.



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X1M HAM radio

Can get this ham radio in China for two hundred dollars. Not bad deal and it has a good reputation. Will pick one up before I go home. That and a PL600 Tecsun.


XM1 Ham Radio

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My latest robot: Goosestepper Version 2

Here is my latest version of an automated ramp walker without the ramp. It uses a counterweight on the top to step forward and backward and a servo opens and closes the leg. A converted servo to 360 degrees rotation provides directional ability.


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Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art…

Just finished reading this great book by Joshua Foer about memory techniques and his competitive experience. Wow, it has got me doing stuff again.

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We Cannot Save Our Planet

Here is a pretty negative and decisive verdict on our ability to save planet Earth.

Shocker: Top Google Engineers Say Renewable Energy ‘Simply won’t work’

Only God can work it out.


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Jerusalem and the Lost Temple of the Jews

I had read this a few years ago but recently reread the abridged version available online and it is really mind boggling that the Jews may be worshipping on the very walls of the Roman Antonia fortress that housed soldiers instrumental in destroying the city and the Temple in 70ad. Wow.


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